Victoria Herrmann

Imagine, for a moment, who the musical love child between Pat Benatar and Freddie Mercury would be — she could be — Victoria Herrmann — beautiful, and she rocks!

Victoria is a talented singer/songwriter who has been singing and playing instruments since she turned five years old. Through the years she has studied many aspects of music, but ultimately settled on singing. After being classically trained and ostracized for her taste in rock music, she decided to leave the music conservatory life behind and moved forward into the crazy world of rock and roll.

Victoria has written and recorded all original music since she was sixteen and has produced three independent CDs. Today, with years of playing grime rock clubs under her belt, she remains humble and hopeful that ultimately she will become a household name, have legions of young fans singing her music, and will have the world eating out of the palm of her hand. She has put together bands that have traveled throughout NY, the surrounding states, kicking butt and taking names. Victoria’s next plan of action is world domination.

Enjoy and rock on . . .