The New “Genius” of Victoria Herrmann

by Victoria on May 27, 2013

New music is on the way . . . for the last thirteen months I’ve been working with Roger Che and Greg Yates at GENIUS ENT. on a bunch of new tunes that I know you’ll LOVE!

970763_466131250124538_1000854914_nWe’ve combined my passion for Rock & Roll, Roger’s roots in Punk and recent work in Hip Hop/Dance, along with Greg’s incredible drumming, to create a unique sound that’s different from any record I’ve ever worked on. The spirit of the tunes and the awesome vibe allowed me to go to different places lyrically – sometimes playful and at times introspective about my life. Roger and I wrote most of the songs together, but a few include other songwriters including the amazing Susan Ruth, who I’ve worked with in the past.

945871_458755467528783_963423865_nOur “after hours” recording sessions happened when the sun went down and parking on the street was legal and free, working into the wee morning hours. I’ve definitely burned the candle at both ends but it’s been amazing. What more can I ask then to write, sing and exercise my eccentric side, then share it all with you!

Stay tuned for more news and thanks again for your continued support.

Much <3


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